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Steel Centre Services

 - Shearing

 - Re-Shearing

 - Slitting

 - Flat Bar


SMPC-Slitting MachineSMPC-Slitting MachineSMPC-Slitting Machine



SlittingTechnical Information:

Our Machines & Technology Capability



Slit Coils








Feeding Coil



Feed Coil OD



Feed Coil ID

Step of 508mm, 610mm, 760mm, 850mm

Finish Good

As Customer Requirement


Thickness  {min}



Thickness  {max}



Width  {mm}



Length  {mm}



Speed  {max}

160 m/min



+/- {0.2mm}

Cold Rolled, Galvanised Iron Range, Electro Galvanised, Colour Coils, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and HR Pickle & Oiled



*Hot Rolled Coils are sheared on Sonada-B only

*We also provide epoxy powder coating service


Slitting is the action of reducing the parent width of the coiled steel to one or a number of narrower widths. Each of the finished widths is known as a strand, and is recoiled to produce a finished width slit coil. The strands can be of varying width.

To slit the material the coil is unwound and passed through a set of fixed guides, this allows for the parent material to be offered up to the slitting head in a controlled manner. The slitting head consists of two driven arbors with a number of rotary slitting knives and spacers set to produce the finished required size once the material has been passed through them. The blades act as rotary cutters, thus offering a never fully closing scissor action..

Once the material has been slit it is recoiled on the finishing mandrel to produce a number of smaller coils. Other options might include cutting the coils into half or more and re-slitting to smaller sizes




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